Sales 101 For Entrepreneurs


Email Service Providers

  • Mailchimp - Free and easy to create your email list
  • Google Apps - Get a professional email address instead of @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail

Website Builder

Customer Relationship Management 

  • Pipedrive - Recommend Sales platform that allows you to enter clients, keep track of sales process, schedule tasks, appointments, forecast sales. This link gives you the first 2 months for free.
  • Trello - Free alternative to Pipedrive that is an easy way to setup your sales pipeline and take notes on clients.

Pipedrive is a Customer relationship management system that I use, and I have set it up for many sales professionals and business owners.  

I am creating a course that will walk you through how to use it effectively to increase the sales for your small business.

I will be selling the course online for between $50-$100, but I am offering it for free for the members of this Score Meetup group.