About Darek:

Darek is the founder and owner of Business Runway, and Green Tree Insurance. He and his wife have been married for eight years and have two sons. Darek has extensive experience in the financial sector. He has worked as an advisor for SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) and has assisted many entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. 

More About Darek: 

I grew up as the child of two entrepreneurs; my father owned a construction business and my mother owned and ran a deli. 

From a very young age I caught the entrepreneurship bug. I would sell rulers and pencils to my classmates in grade school. I quickly realized that what excited me about business was helping other people get what they wanted, and how it created financial freedom for me at the same time. 

As I got older, I did everything I was “supposed” to do. I got a business degree and went to work in the private sector. However, something was missing for me. I remembered what it was like to work with my dad, knowing that he controlled his own destiny. 

I found that I loved working with business owners. However, I wasn’t able to help the people who needed help the most. While working for the Fortune 500 companies, I found that I could help the “winners”- those companies that were well established, had great credit, and were already generating lots of money. The people I truly wanted to help were the next generation of entrepreneurs.  These people bravely carved out their own paths, and like my parents, were setting out to make a better life for themselves through their own creativity and initiative. 

I was good with money. I was supporting my family.  Though deep inside, something was missing. I knew I had to make a decision. 

At the same time that I was working for the Fortune 500 companies, I began helping entrepreneurs by becoming a mentor at SCORE. Through volunteering at SCORE, I was able to connect with entrepreneurs who really needed my help. I found it extremely rewarding to watch them gain confidence and start to flourish once they had the right tools and strategies in place. 

I sat down one night at home and started thinking about everything I knew about business, both from hands on experience and from college. I thought about how often business owners thrust themselves out into the world without the tools that they need for success, including financial strategies and organizational tools.  

I realized that MY calling is to help business owners get the tools and support they need to make their businesses “take off".  That’s how Business Runway was born.